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If you are looking for a beautiful soft and soothing shade of green, look no further than seafoam green. This pale blue-green shade is a favourite of ours for decorating. It’s also surprisingly easy to mix with a variety of other colours in design, interiors or even your wardrobe. Find out all about calming seafoam green, what it symbolises and stylish ways to use it in a range of colour schemes.

What do we mean by Seafoam green?

Seafoam green is a pale blue-green shade mixed with light grey. It’s a colour that sits somewhere between aqua and teal. While it is named for the frothy foam that forms from ocean waves, that is really a misnomer. If you’ve ever been to the beach you’ll know that seafoam is really white. It’s more likely that seafoam is named for the blue green colour of seawater, as often seen in the tropics.

Like other names for shades of green, seafoam is a term that is open to different interpretations. It is quite close to a light mint green shade, and sometimes people will use the name mint to describe what is really seafoam.

The shade of seafoam green we mean has the following colour codes:

  • Hex code #93E9BE
  • RGB 147, 233, 190
  • CMYK 17, 0, 18, 9
collage of seafoam green images with paint, water bottle and tropical  fish in the sea

What does Seafoam green Symbolise?

Seafoam green is a mix of green base with blue and grey, and is a cool light colour. Like many other shades of green, it is associated with freshness, nature and the environment. And of course, being the colour of tropical island waters means that seafoam is associated with relaxation.

Seafoam’s cooler tone evokes clam and tranquillity, making it a great choice for calm spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms. My own bathroom is largely white with accents of pale blue and seafoam. It can also be a good choice for a home office. In commercial spaces, you may notice shades like seafoam are used in medical or dental consulting rooms. It’s also a popular choice for health and beauty brands.

collage of seafoam green images with seawater, painted backgrounds with plants, flowers, birds

Colours that Go with Seafoam Green

As seafoam is a cool and calming colour, you might think it is best combined with similar pale shades or white. While these combinations can be pleasing to the eye, seafoam also goes surprisingly well with some bolder colours. Seafoam green colour schemes that make use of analogous colours (next to seafoam on the colour wheel) or complementary colours (opposite on the colour wheel) work well together.

Here are some of our favourite colour palettes using seafoam green.

Seafoam Green and White

Seafoam green and white are an easy colour combination to work with. Neutral white works to amplify the fresh cool of seafoam. I love seafoam green towels or accessories in a modern white bathroom.

seafoam green, blue and white bathroom towels
Seafoam green, blue and white bath towels

Classic seafoam green and white also works well for wedding colour schemes and bridesmaids, or for light summery outfits. Try adding a third accent colour like navy blue for an elegant colour scheme.

Collage of seafoam green and white images including shoes, bird, flowers, plate and table

Seafoam Green and Blue

Blues and greens are found together in nature all the time, so it seems obvious that they will work well together. Seafoam is a blue green, and blues like aqua and turquoise are analogous to seafoam green on the colour wheel. This means they work well together in a colour palette.

If you are looking for higher contrast, try a brighter cobalt blue or stylish navy with the more subtle seafoam shade.

Collage of seafoam green and blue images including sofa, paint and tropical sea waters at the beach

Seafoam Green and Pinks

Seafoam green and pinks are another favourite colour combination, especially for floral arrangements and party decorating. Green and pale pink is a popular choice for weddings and bridesmaid colours. Pink shades like salmon pinks with a hint of orange are complementary colours to seafoam on the colour wheel, so they work well together. Or try seafoam with bright pinks like fuchsia for a high contrast combination.

collage of seafoam green and pink images including shoes, flowers, headphones and pie

Seafoam Green and Yellows

Do seafoam green and yellow really go together? The answer is actually yes. A ‘square’ colour combination on the colour wheel will pair seafoam green and yellow as two of the four colours. And a yellow and seafoam combination is so eye-catching. Bright yellows and golds are high contrast colours against the cool of seafoam. Or keep the tranquillity of seafoam by pairing it with a lemon yellow. I personally like to combine these two colours with lots of white as well.

Seafoam Green and Grey

Because seafoam is made up of green and blue with light grey mixed in, greys are a great option to use with it. Not just light grey, but all shades of grey including dark charcoal will work with seafoam. Silver also goes perfectly and can be a lovely accent with colour schemes that include seafoam.

collage of seafoam green and grey and silver images including furnishings, chair and decorates eggs

More Shades of Green

I hope you’ve found some ideas for using seafoam green in your next project.

Explore more shades of green and inspiration for how to use them in our posts about sage, olive, mint and forest green. And make sure to follow us as we explore green in all its shades.

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