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Do you love sophisticated sage green? This cool toned green is a favourite base for elegant colour schemes and goes beautifully with a wide range of colours. Find out all about sage green and how to use it in your home, wardrobe or any time you need a beautiful colour combination for your next project.

What do we mean by Sage green?

Sage green takes its name from the grey-green colour of sage leaves. If you’ve ever cooked with or grown your own fresh sage, you’ll know that the colour of the leaves actually varies a lot. Sage leaves can be more green, more grey, or even slightly purple. So how to we define sage green?

In design and decorating sage green is a cool greyish-green. Sage green has the following colour codes:

  • Hex code #B2QC88
  • RGB 178, 172, 1136
  • CMYK 0, 3, 24, 30
Collage of sage green with macaroons, fabric, cup and sage with sage green color codes and hex code

Meaning of Sage green

Sage green is a cool green with grey undertones. Like other green shades, it is associated with growth and nature. It is an earthy colour that brings to mind natural fabrics and textures. Sage is often associated with green and eco-friendly products and branding. As a cool green, it also invokes calmness and peace.

Popular meanings attributed to sage green include wisdom, knowledge and experience. Perhaps this is based on the other meaning of ‘sage’, being ‘wisdom and prudence’ (as in ‘sage advice’).

Sage green has become more popular in interiors and homewares as people look to bring more green into their homes.

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Colours that Go with Sage Green

As a soft cool colour, sage green can almost act like a neutral. Sage green goes well with neutral shades like white, cream, grey and even black. It also works wonderfully with taupe and timber shades in the home. Being a cool colour, sage green goes really well with warm soft shades too as they give it a subtle lift.

Sage green colour schemes including analogous colours (next to sage on the colour wheel) or complementary colours (opposite on the colour wheel) look great together.

Here are some of our favourite sage green colour combinations.

Sage Green and White or Cream

Sage green and white or cream is a timeless colour combination. I love this combination in classic linen clothing, or in bedroom and living areas.

Try sage green and white with beige, taupe or light oak timber colours for interest. Or warm this colour combination up with a hint of pink, orange or gold.

Collage of sage green and white and sage green and cream images including pillows and sofa, coffee mug, kitchen and macarons

Sage Green and Orange

Sage green looks beautiful with pale orange shades, peach, apricot and even burnt orange. Soft sage and soft orange is a lovely combination for bedrooms or calming spaces. This colour combination is popular in fabrics and wallpapers. Burnt orange and sage is a combination that makes a bold impact (but can bring back memories of the 1970s if overused).

Collage of sage green and orange images including sofa, bookshelf, flowers

Sage Green and Yellow and Gold

Soft shades of sage green pair well with soft or pastel yellow shades. Add some white in into this scheme for an elegant colour scheme that would be beautiful for your home or for decorating a wedding or event. The other way to use yellow us to chose a bold gold or mustard shade. Metallic gold accents look wonderful against sage green.

Collage of sage green and yellow and gold images including door, flowers, sofa and jewellery

Sage Green and Blues

Sage green and shades of blue can work together wonderfully, but it’s best to stick to softer blues or navy. Soft light blues to sky blue work as they are close to a split complementary colour scheme and have a similar base. Or opt to go darker and choose a deep navy. I love navy and sage green together in an outfit. Navy and sage green will also work well with a pop of one of the other colours that goes with sage, like dusty pink, soft orange or white.

Collage of sage green and blue images including flowers, bird, pencils, bedroom and sage green and blue paint swatches

Sage Green and Pinks

Sage green goes very well with many different shades of pink. Use it to tone down bright pink and raspberry shades. Or use a soft sage green with pale pink or blush for a one of my favourite colour combinations. As sage also goes with orange, orange pinks like salmon and peach also work wonderfully.

Pale pink and sage green are beautiful colours for a bedroom. It’s also a popular colour combination for wedding colour schemes.

Collage of sage green and pink images including bedroom, pink flowers in vase, sponges and purse

Sage Green and Purple

Sage green and light shades of purple, like lilac, are complementary colours. They are opposite each other on the colour wheel and make a striking combination. Mother nature knows best, as you’ll see these colours together in the leaves of the sage herb itself. Sage green and lilac is a calming colour combination, which is ideal for decorating. These colours go beautifully with white too. For extra sophistication, add some metallic gold accents.

Collage of sage green and purple and lilac images including sofa, plants, lilac flowers, pillows

More Shades of Green

Looking to discover other shades of green? Find out all about mint green, calming seafoam green or explore colour schemes incorporating olive green, apple green or forest green. And be sure to follow us as we explore green in all its shades.

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