natural cleaners and cleaning products including lemon, bicarb soda, lavender, bamboo scrubbing brushes

Looking for ways to cut down on the chemicals you use to clean your home? Or ways to reduce the number of plastic spray bottles and containers you buy? Maybe you’re looking for ways to save money on expensive cleaning products and still have a sparkling clean home. You can do all of these with this great collection of natural cleaners and DIY eco-friendly cleaning products. Find natural cleaning options and low waste ideas for cleaning carpets to bathrooms, and everything in between.

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collage of natural cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products including toilet cleaner bombs, natural orange peel spray, carpet freshener and reusable dryer sheets
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Reasons to Make Your Own Natural Cleaners

You only need to take a walk down the cleaning products aisle of your local shop to find good reasons to make your own natural cleaners instead. Commonly sold cleaning products can include strong chemical agents and bleaches, which are harsh on the environment (and on us as we clean).

Even if products are made with more natural ingredients and marketed as environmentally friendly, there are still lots of good reasons to avoid them. Many cleaning products are sold in plastic bottles or containers, creating more plastic waste. They are often transported over long distances to get to your local shop too. And then there is the price.

Making your own natural cleaning products puts you in control of the ingredients. Many you may already have in the pantry, or you can buy in bulk or in paper packaging, to reduce waste. They are usually very economical to make too. And by using ingredients that break down and won’t harm the environment, you can use them with a good conscience.

As well as cleaning sprays and powders, think about the products you actually use to wipe and mop too. Put away the disposables and aim for washable, reusable clothes or scrubbers, mops brushes made with recycled or sustainable materials.

Here are some of our favourite natural cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning ideas to try.

Natural Orange Peel Cleaning Spray

For a versatile all purpose spray, try replacing your store bought cleaners with this homemade natural orange peel cleaner. It’s easy to make, and you can use up left over orange or mandarin orange peels in the process. The orange oils in this eco-friendly cleaner help cut through grease and grime as well as adding a wonderful citrus scent. Invest in a reusable glass spray bottle that you can use over and over again, and you’ll save money as well as reduce waste.

Microwave Cleaning with Lemon and water

Microwaves need constant cleaning to keep on top of food splatters and spills. The good news is that there is an incredibly easy way to clean your microwave without resorting to any cleaning products at all. You can easily clean your microwave with just lemon, some water and a soft cloth. And it only takes a few minutes. Find our how to leave your microwave clean and smelling fresh with this step by step guide.

DIY Beeswax furniture polish

Store bought furniture polish can contain all manner of chemicals, from solvents and silicones to artificial fragrances. Make your wooden furniture shine with this natural beeswax furniture polish instead. Made with just two ingredients, this polish takes just 15 minutes to make. Use it to polish and protect your wooden furniture and leave it with a beautiful shiny finish.

Citric Acid Toilet Cleaner

Let’s face it, cleaning the toilet isn’t the most enjoyable job at home. But I love this easy to make fizzy toilet cleaner. You can make a powder or ready to use balls. It’s a great way to get a sparkling clean toilet using natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. This easy to make powder uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients like baking powder and citric acid. Even better, it’s inexpensive and a great way to reduce plastic waste.

Homemade Pine Needle Cleaner

Here’s another natural cleaner you can make at home, this time using fresh pine needles. This homemade pine needle cleaner is quick and easy to make and uses eco-friendly, non toxic ingredients. The extracts from the fresh pine needles not only help this spray to break down grease and grime, they also give a wonderful fresh scent. It’s a great option for kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and laundries – although we avoid using on natural stone. (Keep this spray in mind for Christmas time, as it’s a great way to repurpose your fresh Christmas tree or festive greenery!)

Homemade Carpet Freshener

Need to freshen up your carpet? Don’t buy an expensive carpet powder with artificial fragrances from the shop. You can easily make your own homemade carpet freshener with baking soda and a dash of naturally scented essential oil. Sprinkle this DIY powder on your carpet and vacuum to leave your carpets smelling fresh. And you can repurpose and empty jar by transforming it into a shaker too.

Reusable Fabric Dryer Sheets

If you know how to sew even a little bit, why not give these reusable fabric dryer sheets a go. It’s an easy sewing project for beginners to tackle. Made with a double layer of flannel fabric, you can make use these dryer sheet squares with eco-friendly fabric softeners to replace conventional dryer sheets. Take it a step further and repurpose old flannel shirts or sheets to make them and help reduce even more waste.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

For those of us who do yoga, you’ll know how important it is to clean your yoga mat regularly. Using this homemade yoga mat cleaner will help extend the life of your yoga equipment, without harmful ingredients, and will save you money on buying store bought products. A light clean after use with this wonderful smelling spray will prevent build up of grime and keep your yoga mat fresh and ready to use.

Reusable Washable Dusting Cloth

If you are a fan of Swiffer dusters, you’ll know how much it costs to buy the disposable duster refills. With this easy to follow pattern, you can make your own washable Swiffer duster cloth that you can use over and over again. Not only will it save you money, it will reduce the waste created from disposable refills. If you repurpose old flannel shirts or bedding you have already, this really is a low waste project.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Swiffer brand duster. You can still use this reusable washable dusting cloth to clean your home, without the Swiffer handle.

More Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to try some of these greener ways to clean your home. Even switching to one natural cleaner will make a difference, reducing chemicals and the amount of plastic packaging that cleaning products create.

For more small ways to be green at home, find out about better alternatives to plastic clothes pegs, switching to compostable baking paper for cooking or how to choose more sustainable home decor.

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