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Mint green is one of our all time favourite green shades. This cheerful and vibrant colour brings feelings of freshness and vitality. It’s also very easy to mix with a variety of other colours in design, interiors or even your wardrobe. Find out more about stunning mint green, what it symbolises and how to use it with style.

What do we mean by mint green?

Mint green is named after the bright green leaves of the herb of the same name. However it’s one of those green shades that has a wide range of interpretations. Many people when they think of mint are actually thinking of light mint green, a lighter shade that is quite close to seafoam green. Light mint is a pale green, almost pastel shade that incorporates much more white.

Here we are talking about true mint green with the following colour codes:

  • Hex code #98FF98
  • RGB 152, 255, 152
  • CMYK 40, 0, 40, 0

Mint green is a vibrant and cool light green made with green, blue and white.

Collage of mint green images with green jug, beads, wall and leaves with Min Green color codes

What does Mint green Symbolise?

Mint green is crisp and slightly cool. It is a vibrant shade often associated with freshness, making it a popular choice for personal care brands like mouthwash, toothpaste and skin care. Mint green is often used to represent health and vitality.

The vibrancy of mint green is often associated with creativity, which makes it an ideal colour to include in a workspace or home office, as highlights or in accessories. Mint surrounds us in plants and nature, so can give the effect of bringing the outside in when decorating your home.

While green is often associated with energy, the slightly cooler tones of mint green also correlate with peace, calm and tranquillity. Lighter shades of mint green can be a good choice for bathroom accessories or even in bedrooms. It can look beautiful in a gender neutral nursey with lots of white.

mint leaves om mint green background with text "all about mint green"

Colours that Go with Mint Green

Being quite a vivid colour, it’s surprising that mint green goes well with so many other colours and not just neutrals. Mint green colour schemes that make use of analogous colours (next to mint on the colour wheel) or complementary colours (opposite on the colour wheel) look great together.

These are some of our favourite mint green colour combinations.

Mint Green and White

Mint green goes perfectly with white. Green and white maintains that lovely fresh colour palate that we associate with mint. Try mint green accessories in a modern white bathroom or kitchen.

In fact you can mix mint green with other neutrals – black and shades of grey from light to charcoal. All of these work to tone down the vibrancy of the mint.

Collage of minte gren and white images including alarm clock, interiors and partywares

Mint Green and Yellow

Yellow green and lemony shades of yellow are analogous to mint green on the colour wheel. This is a very vibrant colour combination, but is easily mellowed when matched with lots of white too.

Collage of mint green and yellow including flowers, lemons, luggage and food images

Mint Green and Blue

Some say blue and green should never be seen, but I definitely disagree! Green blue, aqua and turquoise shades are analogous to mint green on the colour wheel and work together beautifully. Or for more contrast, a mid to cobalt blue or even navy will look very stylish together with mint. This is probably my favourite way to wear mint green in my wardrobe, but pairing a mint green top with a blue bottom or denim jeans.

Collage of mint green and blue images including paint, food and luggage

Mint Green and Pink

I love mint green and pink together, especially in floral arrangements or for wedding and party decorating colour combinations. Pink is a complementary colour to mint green on the colour wheel, so they go together perfectly. Try mint with pale blush or pastel pinks, or even bright fuchsia. Mint green also works with shades of dark pink into purples.

Collage of mint green and pink images including flowers, towels and confetti

Mint Green and Red

Green and red are also complementary colours. For mint green, try pairing it with a pinker watermelon red to avoid creating too much of a Christmas theme.

Collage of mint green and red images including candy, mint in red pot, flowers and gumboots

More Mint and Other Shades of Green

If you love mint, make sure to see our collection of compostable green phone cases, including cases in stunning shades of mint.

Looking for inspiration in other green hues? Explore our colour combinations with apple green, seafoam, sage green and olive green. If you love green too, be sure to follow us as we explore green in all its shades.

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