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If you are an indoor plant lover, your house plants can be just as important as your pets. If you are heading away on holidays, it’s important to make plans to ensure your plant babies are looked after while you are away. Find out what we do to ensure our indoor plants are taking care of while we are on vacation.

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Leaving your House Plants for Short trips

Most of your indoor plants will be fine if you are going away for a weekend or a short break. Just make sure to water your potted plants before you leave. If you are a ‘to do list’ type of person, add watering the indoor plants to your list so you don’t forget. Or add a calendar reminder on your phone to water your indoor plants before you go on vacation.

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Going away for longer or when it’s Hot?

If you are going away for more than a few days to a week, or it’s going to be very hot inside your home, you’ll need to make other plans for your plants.

Try the Bathroom or Shower

When we go away, I like to move all of my indoor plants into our main bathroom. It has loads of natural light which the plants love. If you have a well lit bathroom, try placing your house plants in the bath or shower alcove. To maintain a humid environment, try placing some old wet towels down first and then placing your plants on top. I’ve left my indoor plants like this for up to 2 weeks in cooler weather. However, you may need to call in more help if it’s going to be very warm.

Peace Lily indoor plant in shower alcove while on vacation

Indoor plant Self Watering Stakes

Another option to keep your house plants hydrated while you are away is to use a self-watering stake. Watering stakes come in all shapes and sizes, practical and decorative. Some stakes are designed to attach a plastic water bottle to the top and others had a water holding ‘bulb’ built in. These can be made of terracotta allowing water to seep out slowly. Others are made of glass and are designed to look more decorative, even in the shape of birds or cats. I find the glass stakes to be quite fragile and easily broken.

The idea behind a watering stake is that once it has been filled with water and inserted into the already wet soil of your pot, the water will gradually seep in to the soil once as it dries out and water your plant ‘automatically’.

If you decide to use watering bulbs or stakes like these, make sure to read the instructions first. Most work best if you make sure the soil in the pot is wet first. Use a stick to make a hole before inserting. This is especially important with the glass or terracotta stakes, which can break easily. Depending on your soil and the size of the opening in the stake, you might need to wrap some cheese cloth or a coffee filter over the opening to stop the water coming out too quickly or the soil clogging the stake.

I am a fan of these GARDENBRO self watering globes for a few reasons. The stake that inserts into the soil is actually metal and therefore more resistant to breaking. Refilling the globes is easy as they have a small removable stopper on the top so you can refill without removing from your pot. And they are a a really good large size and last much longer than some others.

Call in a friend

If you are going away for an extended period, or if you just worry about your indoor plants while you are on vacation, then the safest option is to ask someone to help. Having a friend or family member who is able to come into your home and check on your plants while you are gone is the perfect solution.

When asking a friend or family member to check and water your plants, be sure to give them really clear instructions. That should extend to how often and how much water each plant needs. But don’t forget to let your helper know other practical things, like where you water. If you take an inner plastic pot out of a decorative planter and water in the sink, let your helper know. I’ve had well-meaning helpers water a plant on our dining room table with the unfortunate result that water leaked out of the saucer and left water marks on our timber.

Most importantly, if you have a wonderful helper to care for your plants while you are on vacation, don’t forget to thank them! It’s a lovely idea to bring a gift back from your travels to say thanks.

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