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Are you looking to update your phone case? Refresh your phone with one of these gorgeous green phone cases. Everything from shades of green to nature inspired prints. Bonus points for those that ship their green phone cases in minimal eco-friendly packaging. And even better, these phone cases are completely biodegradable and compostable.

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Why choose Compostable Phone cases

Phones are an expensive investment and need to be protected from accidental knocks and drops. It’s not surprising that we purchase protective cases to help prevent breaks and cracked screens. When you consider just how many phones there are, that’s a lot of covers and a lot of plastic.

All of the phone cases featured in this post are biodegradable and compostable. They are made from plant materials like flax, wheat or bamboo which will naturally breakdown over the course of months, rather than the many hundreds of years it will take for plastics to degrade. Update your phone cover with one of these eco-friendly cases and know that you are making a better choice for the environment.

Green phone case on leafy background with text "10 gorgeous compostable green phone cases"

leafy and floral Green phone cases

I love Minca Cases for both coverage and the range of patterns. This leafy green palm case is no exception. It’s printed on a white cover so that pattern pops. The case has a raised bezel to help to protect the screen and camera lens when I inevitably drop my phone.

Minca Cases are also great when it comes to minimising plastic packaging. Their phone cases come carefully packaged in gorgeous paper sleeves instead.

Pela Sage Green floral phone case
Image: Biome

This fun Pela sage green daisy print case is not just a gorgeous green colour but is also sustainable. It’s made from Flaxstic(R), a material made from flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer. Pela cases are free of phthalates, BPA, and cadmium and are completely home compostable.

Biome sells Pela cases for iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel, so you are sure to find the right fit.

Image: Biome

I love this stunning clear Herbarium case by Pela. The gorgeous green leaves turn your phone into a leafy artwork, but the sturdy case also does a great job of protecting your phone. It carefully wraps around the edges of your device to protect the front as well.

Being a Pela case, you can choose this phone case in good conscience knowing that it is plant based and completely compostable too.

Plain Green Phone Cases

If you love mint green, you’ll love this mint green phone case from Talk And Tell on Etsy. It’s available for a number of iPhone models up to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

As well as being the most amazing shade of mint green, this phone case is made from plants. The case is constructed with wheat and is completely compostable and biodegradable.

Image: Biome

Looking for a sophisticated green cover without any patterns? This green Pela phone case is a great choice. It’s smooth bit gives good grip and is durable to protect your phone.

Because Pela cases are made with plant based materials, when it’s time to dispose of your cover, you can simply compost it in your home compost, worm farm or garden.

Fun Green Prints

For something green but bold, I love this lime green leopard print phone case from Meant To Be Design. The cover is durable, protective against drops and has a raised rim to protect your phone screen. It’s available in a range of sizes for iPhone and Samsung models and is Magsafe compatible.

I love that this cover is compostable and will fully biodegrade after approximately 6 months. The case is printed using water based inks and free of environmentally damaging phthalates, BPA and cadmium.

Image: Brindly

For more mint green, I love this mint green gelato dots phone case from Brindly on Etsy. This design is available for different models of iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel and works with wireless chargers. The raised edges help protect your phone screen and camera.

For a fun green cover try this gorgeous green gingham design from Meant To Be Design. This eco-friendly phone case is made from a durable 100% compostable bioplastic and bamboo fibre mix. The pattern is also printed using eco-friendly water based inks that are kinder to the environment. The bamboo based case will biodegrade in compost in around 6 months too.

Phone Cases inspired by nature

These gorgeous green turtles on the Turtle Bay design are another favourites from Minca Cases.

This phone case is not just green in colour, but green in every sense of the word. Because it consists of 100% biodegradable bioplastic and natural flax straw, the case is completely compostable. So when it comes time to replace your phone case over, you won’t be contributing to landfill.

Image: Natch Nest

The bees might not be green, but the bright mint background fits the bill in this honeybee phone case from Natch Nest. I love the honeybee pattern, but you can also feel good about buying this eco-friendly phone case. Made from starches, cereals and other renewable materials, this case will compost in less than 2 months.

Natch Nest also donates 5% of profits from the sale of these cases to organisations that clean our oceans such as Ocean Clean Up and the 5 Gyres Institute.

More Green Ideas

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