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When you are considering green shades to use for your next project, don’t look past forest green. This slightly darker shade of green is reminiscent of nature and the environment and can be a calming influence on a colour palette. Whether you are looking for a colour scheme to decorate your home, your next outfit, or colours to style your next event, be inspired by these forest green colour ideas and palettes.

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What do we mean by Forest green?

Different shades of green are often labelled “forest green”. It’s another one of the green colour names that is open to different interpretations. Some shades, especially paint colours, are what is better described as dark forest green. The forest green we mean is the colour associated with the common shades of plants and trees in a deciduous forest.

This shade of forest green has the following colour codes:

  • Hex code #228B22
  • RGB 34, 139, 34
  • CMYK 76, 0, 76, 45
collage of forest green images including furniture, paint and plants with forest green colour codes

What does Forest green Symbolise?

Forest green is a is a warm yellow green, made by mixing a green base with yellow and a touch of blue. Named for the greens of the plants in a deciduous forest, it is associated with nature and the environment. Forest green also symbolises growth and vitality.

The slight warmth of forest green makes it a good choice for cosy spaces like living and dining rooms. The association with nature makes forest green a popular choice for outdoor, environmentally friendly and health conscious brands, as well as food and drinks.

tall green forest trees with colour swatch and text "all about forest green"

Colours that Go with Forest Green

There are so many colour combinations that work well with forest green. It is a great colour to combine with neutrals like black, white, light grey and stone. As a warm colour, forest green also looks good with other warm shades. Forest green will also work with analogous colours (next to it on the colour wheel) or complementary colours (opposite on the colour wheel). And of course forest green goes very well with other shades of green too.

Here we’ll share some of our favourite colour palettes using forest green.

Forest Green and White

The classic neutral white is a great match for forest green. This combination works beautifully together as the white offsets the yellow warmth in the forest green shade. This is a great way to use forest green in decorating or when putting together an outfit. Or use forest green as a fresh feature colour in a wedding colour scheme.

Bride with bridesmaids in forest green dresses in front of stone wall

A forest green and white palette is also a great base for adding a bolder accent colour.

collage of forest green and white images including leaves, door, candles, jumper

Forest Green and Blue

Inspired by nature, blue and green are a great match. Forest green looks wonderful with many different shades of blue from light blue through to bright cobalt, royal blue or even shades of navy. Darker blues are part of a ‘square’ colour scheme with forest green on the colour wheel, which means they go togther well.

I love combining forest green with navy, and neutrals like white, stone and camel when putting together an outfit.

Collage of forest green and blue images including flowers, feathers, butterfly and sofa

Forest Green and Pinks

Forest green and pinks are another favourite colour combination. Bold bright pinks like fuchsia make a statement for floral arrangements, party decorating or even in your wardrobe. For something more elegant, combine forest green with pale pink and white (which is lovely for weddings or parties).

collage of forest green and pink images including paint, fabric, flower, shoes, paper hearts

Forest Green and Purple

Just like pink, forest green also goes well with shades of purple. Forest green and purple are complementary colours on the colour wheel, which explains why they work well together. While reddish purple works well, experiment with lighter shades like violet and mauve too for a pretty combination.

Collage of forest green and purple images including flowers, slides and dice

Forest Green and Red

Another bold way to use forest green is to combine it with red. This colour combination is however the classic “Christmas” colour scheme. So unless you are going for a festive theme, this combination needs to be used with care. Steer away from classic red towards a pink watermelon red (which works in the same ways as the pinks above), an orange red or a browner, mahogany colour.

collage of forest green and red images including frog, flowers, leaves, lady bug and fire hydrant

Forest Green and Yellows

Forest green and yellow or gold can work surprisingly well. (Although if you are from Australia you might find yourself reminded of the green and gold at the Olympics!) It’s certainly a bold colour choice with a lot of contrast. Personally I like to soften this contrast by adding a lot of white to the mix as well and using the gold as a highlight colour. Proportion is important when it comes to using forest green and yellow together well.

collage of forest green and yellow and gold images including flowers, present, sunglasses, sofa and phone

Forest Green and Grey

I love light grey (gray for our US friends) with forest green. It really seems to tone down the yellowness and warmth and adds a nice balance. Silver is also a great colour to combine with forest green, or use as an accent colour with other colour schemes that include forest green. Silver, forest green and black or white is a great colour scheme for parties and events. As is silver, forest green and pink.

collage of forest green and grey/gray and silver images including rocks, baubles, cactus, gift and curtains

Forest Green and Black

Like other neutrals, black is also a good option to pair with forest green. This is a bold combination on it’s own. If like me you prefer a softer palette, forest green looks great with black and another lighter neutral like white, light grey or stone colours. Or use black as a highlight with one of the other forest green colour combinations above, like forest green and blue.

Collage of forest green and black images including leaves, bird, butterfly, smiley face balloons and woman in black dress with black wings

More Shades of Green

Feeling inspired to try forest green in your next colour palette? Or are you still exploring different green shades? Make sure to have a look at our posts and mood boards for apple, sage, olive and mint greens. And make sure to follow us as we explore green in all its shades.

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