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Named for the colour of fresh crispy fruit, apple green is a surprisingly versatile colour to work with. Don’t be scared off by the warm yellow undertones, and try apple green with some of these inspiring colour combinations. From fresh and light colour palettes to bold dramatic looks, you’ll love these ideas to inject colour into your home, wardrobe or next event.

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What Exactly is Apple green?

Apple green is one of the more obvious colour names. It’s of course named after green apples, just like the delicious Granny Smith variety. This shade of green is bright and warm, with yellow undertones.

While there are different definitions of apple green, the shade we are referring to has the following colour codes:

  • Hex code £8DB600
  • RGB 141, 182, 0
  • CMYK 23, 0, 100, 29
Collage of apple green images including door, bowl, apples and candles with apple green color codes and hex code

What does Apple green Symbolise?

Apple green is a mix of green base with yellow and white, and is a warm light colour. Greens are used to represent freshness and nature, and apple green is no different. It also evokes thoughts of fresh apples themselves, with their crisp, slightly tart flavour and crunch, as well as good health. The warm yellow undertones mean apple green is also associated with happiness, optimism and growth.

As it is a warm green, apple green is a good choice for decorating living rooms and cosy spaces. However it’s fresh appeal means that it works well in kitchens too. In business, warm yellow greens are a popular choice for brands seeking to be associated with growth and health.

Collage of apple green images including apples, butterflies, flowers, candles and desserts

Colours that Go with Apple Green

As a bright and warm green shade, apple green is quite versatile. While it works very well with neutral hues, especially crisp whites, it also can be used with a range of other warm colours including shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and purple. The key to using apple green in a colour schemes with bold colours is to match intensity of colour, or add in a third shade or neutral to soften it down a notch. Apple green also works well with its analogous colours (next to apple on the colour wheel) or complementary colours (opposite on the colour wheel).

These are some of our favourite colour combinations using apple green.

Apple Green and White

Crisp white works beautifully with apple green, toning down some of the warmth. This combination creates a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Try apple green highlights for warmth in kitchen and living rooms, or add some apple green cushions to your bed or sofa. Or pair apple green with white in spring and summer outfits. Adding a third accent colour like aqua or sky blue or maintains this fresh look. Or pair with highlights of darker neutrals like tan, charcoal or black for a bolder combination.

collage of apple green and white images including paint, flowers, apples, dress and a chair

Apple Green and Yellows

Apple green and yellow can work very well together, as apple has yellow undertones. Deep gold or mustard yellows do work, but definitely have the potential to give strong retro vibes. For a more modern look, choose a bright or light yellow shade, like buttery yellow instead. Or add in lots of crisp white to soften this bold combination.

collage of apple green and yellow images with flowers, candles, chairs and food

Apple Green and Orange

It’s not for everyone, but apple green and orange is another bold combination that works. I do find that it can give off 1970s retro vibes, depending on how it is used. The warm shade of apple works well with darker oranges and tan. Which is why tan accessories like shoes and belts look great with apple green in an outfit. Lighter oranges will work in a similar way to yellows. Again, I like to break up orange and apple green with a lot of white to tone it down.

Apple Green and Red

People are often scared to use red and green outside of Christmas decorating, but there are definitely ways to use this colour combination that don’t feel too festive. Warm yellow green works with orange reds the best. Reddish pinks also go well – think of raspberry and watermelon shades.

For a softer look you can break up this colour combination with some neutral shades – white, charcoal/black or tan.

Collage of apple green and red images including flowers, tomatoes, apples, patterned cushion and paper

Apple Green and Blue

You may have heard the saying that “blue and green should never be seen”, but I definitely disagree. It’s all about finding the right shades of blue and green to work together. Warm apple green goes especially well with light shades like aqua and sky blue or mid blues like cornflower or light navy.

This is a great combination for decorating living spaces or a home office, especially mixed with white, and is one of my favourite ways to use apple green.

collage of apple green and blue images including leaf, flower, apple in water, drink and blue bird

Apple Green and Pinks

Pink is my other favourite colour to combine with apple green. These two light, bright colours look great together, especially with pale and blush pink shades. This is another colour scheme that works especially well with lots of white. Or try adding lovely light yellow. Apple green and pink is a beautiful choice for floral arrangements, party decorating and weddings and bridesmaid colours.

Or go bold and mix apple green with bright berry pinks like raspberry for a more dramatic combination.

collage of apple green and pink images with flowers, cactus, apples, palm leaf and pink polka dot mug

Apple Green and Purple

Using apple green and purple together definitely makes a statement. This striking combination works very well with violet, as this shade of purple is directly opposite apple green on the colour wheel (and is complementary). Other shades of purple to use include lighter purples like orchid or darker, redder purples like aubergine (eggplant).

collage of apple green and purple images with paper, flowers, apples and berries

Apple Green and Grey

Apple green works well with neutral shades, including shades of grey. For a light and bright colour combination, stick to light greys. Or for a more dramatic look, I love apple green with charcoal grey, which gives a lovely contrast.

For metallic accents, shades of silver or chrome work well with apple green too.

More Shades of Green

As you can see, apple green is a very versatile shade. Hopefully you’ve been inspired to give it a try, even if just dipping your toes in with some apple green accessories in your home or wardrobe.

Still exploring shades of green for your next project? Have a look at our colour inspiration ideas for other shades of green including seafoam, sage, olive, forest green and mint. And make sure to subscribe to learn more about green in all its shades.

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